10 Of The Most Dangerous Cosmetic Items

Most people know that women absolutely love their cosmetic items. Bathrooms are overflowing with various lipsticks, glosses, eyelash brushes, compact mirrors, hair sprays, false nails, foundation, concealer, the list goes on. Unfortunately, for the women who absolutely adore those items, some of these may actually be highly dangerous for your health and for those around you. Spending a lot of money to look good will always come at a high price, but is your life actually worth the extra length on those lashes or nails? Here are ten of the most dangerous cosmetic items that women tend to buy regularly.

Expired Products

Most people don’t check the date on the bottom of a product, especially when it is a cosmetic item. However, that perfect shade of lipstick or eyeliner actually does go bad. Most beauty products only last around 10 months, then become breeding grounds for bacteria of all forms.

False Nails

Despite looking quite nice, false nails are generally really cheap and contain massive amounts of ethylene, which has been found to cause multiple respiratory problems by researchers. Skin cancer is even a potential problem.

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