10 Of The Most Disgusting Candies Created

Growing up, every single child wanted nothing more than a little bit of candy from the store when their parents took them grocery shopping. We all had a favorite piece of chocolate or fruity flavor, but there were some candies almost no one actually knew about. These were some of the most disgusting and bizarre candies to have ever been created. It is truly surprising that anyone could even stand to swallow a single piece of this candy. Here are ten of the worst candy ideas we’ve come across.

Bubble Gum Cat Hairballs

Bubble Gum Hairballs Candy, besides having an incredibly gross and odd name, quickly moved to the list of candy no one ever wants to try. Older women who love their cats more than people quickly took to this one.

Curry Flavored Candy

We imagine Curry Flavored Candy was quite popular throughout India and other Asian countries, but most people in the West probably want nothing to do with it. Curry tends to mix well with various meats, but not candy.

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