10 Of The Most Disgusting Ice Cream Flavors Ever

Ice cream is probably one of the best indulgent treats of all time, especially during the scorching summer months. Depending on where you live, you can either by nationwide brands, such as Ben & Jerry’s, or perhaps opt for a local option, which is usually just as good, albeit with less flavors to select from the grocery store. Either way, everyone tends to have a favorite flavor of ice cream that they choose when it is time for a cold treat. That being said, weird places like Japan have decided to blend in various bizarre ingredients to form odd concoctions. Here are the ten most disgusting flavors of ice cream.

Horse Meat

Horse meat has long been taboo amongst many cultures, though the Japanese tend to love the savory flavor, and regard it as a delicacy. So much, in fact, that they have blended raw horse meat into ice cream.

Hot Ice Cream

Hot Ice Cream, which has been wonderfully named ‘Cold Sweat’, is only found at Sunni Sky’s homemade Ice Cream in Angier, North Carolina, US. You must sign a waiver before trying it, as it contains an intense dose of the hottest peppers.

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