10 Of The Most Disturbing Movies Ever Made

Ever since the dawn of humanity, man kind has had a twisted sense of entertainment, especially when it comes to disturbing brutality. From the spartan games through burning rituals, today most think of cinema to be a sophisticated and artistic way of expression, but as some horror movies prove – it can also be a place where the darkest and most sadistic of fictional events take place. From vomit-inducing sex scenes, to realistic murders, the following ten films deserve their spot one way or another in our list of the 10 most brutal and disturbing movies ever made.

Cannibal Holocaust (1980)

Featuring some of the most brutal and disturbing scenes in existence, Cannibal Holocaust was so realistic that the producer was even convicted for the murders in the movie. If this is not disturbing enough, you should know that they’ve also killed 6 animals, including a giant turtle during the making of the film.

Deadgirl (2008)

Taking a dark and artistic approach to the psychological study of violence, Deadgirl features a number of vomit-inducing scenes, including the depiction of a girl biting off a man’s private parts.

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