10 Of The Most Expensive Gifts Of All Time

Most people look at buying gifts as a burden, because there is always a problem that the other person may not like your idea. There are only three ways to ensure that your gift works. You either make the gift yourself using your creative prowess, or you purchase something personal that you are sure the other person needs, or you simply buy something really expensive. Some of the best gifts in the world are a mixture of one or two out of these three options. This list features some really crazy gifts given by people across the world.

The Taylor-Burton Diamond

Richard Burton was known to give his wife Elizabeth Taylor many gifts during the course of their marriage. On her 40th birthday however, Burton managed to outdo himself by purchasing a 69.42-carat diamond. This diamond has been famously dubbed as the ‘Taylor-Burton’ diamond, and is worth around 1.05 million dollars.

The Statue Of Liberty

As we all know, the Statue of Liberty was given to the Americans by the French in order to commemorate the friendship between the two powerful nations. The statue is 151 feet tall and was designed by renowned designer Bartholdi. The statue cost the French 530,000 dollars to build, although it feels like it must be worth a hundred times more now.

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