10 Of The Most Expensive Items Of Their Kind

If you’re looking to stand out from the rest of the crowd by purchasing something brand new and truly expensive, then you should look no further than what we’ve discovered. For some odd reason, people are willing to shell out copious amounts of cash for the best sneakers, the biggest television sets, and the fastest cars in the entire world. Some of these are lined with real gold, and some may just cost you an entire bar of gold. Here are ten of the most expensive items of their kind.

The Nike Dunk Low Pro SB “Paris”

The Nike Dunk Low Pro SB, which were designed by Bernard Buffet, a renowned French painter, will set you back the slight cost of just $3,500. They were originally orange-red Nike swoop shoes, but have been painting by the famous artist.

The Stuart Hughes Prestige HD Supreme Rose Edition

The Stuart Hughes Prestige HD Supreme Rose Edition is the most expensive television in the entire world. The entire TV is a total of 55-inches, contains 19 kilograms of 22 carat gold, has alligator skin paneling, and 48 truly impressive round diamonds adorning the outer edge. The cost of this blinged-out TV? $2.25 million.

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