10 Of The Most Expensive Photographs Ever Sold

For some photography is a hobby, while for others it is just the act of taking the phone out of your pocket and taking a picture. And even if you praise yourself as an enthusiast or not, there is no denial that photography is truly an art form. However, when people talk about photography, almost no one connects it with earning money, quite the opposite in fact. The general consensus is that taking photos can rarely get you a few bucks, if you try hard enough. Nevertheless some of the most famous photographers are earning their living out of photography, and what’s more these 10 photos have managed to sell for millions! What’s so special about them? Well, check them out!

Billy the Kid by Unknown – $2.3 million

While the author of this amazing photo is unknown, it managed to sell for as much as $2.3 million. Simply titled “Billy The Kid” this is also one of the oldest photographs in the world.

Untitled #153 by Cindy Sherman – $2.7 million

Is this a woman or a doll? Haunting, yet mesmerizing, this beautiful photograph by Cindy Sherman managed to sell for $2.7 million. Astounding!

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