10 Of The Most Expensive Video Game Mistakes

Creating video games is an expensive but generally profitable experience. Trust is starting to fade, especially in the PC industry, as more and more highly acclaimed games are released broken. Games such as Batman: Arkham Knight and Mortal Kombat X have been complete disasters with glitches and developers simply dumping support after they’re released. They’ve decided that it costs too much money to fix the product and risk damaging their name in the future. While it’s starting to become common now, other companies have stepped up and spent money. Here are some of the most expensive video game disasters in history.

Game That Could Destroy Your Computer

Myth II: Soulblighter was a game developed for the PC by Bungie, the same creators later known for Halo. In this sequel that was supposed to be a success, an error was found right before the release that if the game was uninstalled, it would erase the gamer’s entire hard drive. Microsoft had to swap out discs for everybody that bought the game, erasing nearly all profit made.

‘SimCity’ Relaunch

EA’s reimagined version of SimCity was nothing but catastrophe when released in 2013. Fans and critics panned the need to always be connected to the internet and at launch, players struggled to log in to the servers and the AI was broken. The game never recovered, and the developers behind the game, Maxis, closed down two years later.

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