10 Of The Most Inappropriate Toys Ever Made

Oh to be young and innocent again! What joys we had as kids romping about and playing with our toys. Little did we know that our parents probably shielded us from some scary, bizarre and simply inappropriate toys that would certainly lead to therapy in the future. Of course, as kids we probably couldn’t tell an ill-suited toy if we saw one, but I’m sure we would figure it out sooner or later. Here are some of the most inappropriate toys ever made. Really though, what were they thinking?

Vibrating Broom

I could explain why it’s totally inappropriate to let kids play with a vibrating stick between their legs, but it’s pretty obvious.

Pole Dancer Doll

Since every kid needs to learn the art of pole-dancing, someone went ahead and created the pole dancing doll. Not only does this toy come equipped with a half naked doll and a pole, there is also an instructional video.

Let’s just have Child Protective Services on standby in case you see a parent picking this up off the shelves.

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