10 Of The Most Infamous Mob Bosses Of All Time

Whether we want to admit it or not, the criminal world is all around us corrupting each level of society to a point of extreme control. Organized crime may not seem as a huge issue, but the truth is criminal networks around the world are more intertwined than governments are in their relations. However, in order for everything to work, criminal masterminds have to hold everything together. Inspiring a number of stories and Hollywood movies, the following 10 mobsters are not only violent criminals, but some of the most vicious masterminds of organized crime history. Without further adieu, here are 10 of the most infamous mob bosses of all time.

Al Capone

A true face of the Mafia world of the recent past and probably the most infamous mobster of all time, Al Capone was the head of the Chicago-based Italian-American empire known as the Outfit. Guilty of a number of crimes ranging from drug trafficking to bootlegging, prostitution and murder, Capone was ironically brought down by one of his most minor of offenses – tax evasion.

Frank Costello

Having a strong political influence, which managed to help him rise in power, Frank Costello was the mob boss of the Genovese crime family and was also known as the Prime Minister of the Underworld.

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