10 Of The Most Offensive Video Games Ever Made

As video games have grown to become one of the biggest and most important forms of entertainment around the world, their ability to be controversial and be considered offensive has also become greater simply because of the huge audience they have. While some news outlets have managed to manufacture hatred towards games such as Mass Effect that are completely undeserving, there are plenty of video games that have been created that are incredibly unpleasant. Sometimes it is a result of differences in culture or an inadvertent portrayal but in other instances offense can be caused on purpose as a way to get media attention through apparent racism or disgusting on-screen action.

Battle Raper

Although Battle Raper might look like a normal fighting game in the same mold as Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter, it actually has a much darker side than any other series in the genre. While it shares many similarities, developer Illusion Soft made the overall aim not to knockout your opponent but rather to remove their clothes so that you can rape them.

JFK Reloaded

A game by Traffic Software, JFK Reloaded put the player into the shoes of the assassin Lee Harvey Oswald as they attempt to kill former president John F. Kennedy as he travels in an open top car in 1963. The game drew a large amount of criticism from those who felt it was incredibly distasteful, especially considering it was portraying a real event, and might be used to train others to carry out similar attacks.

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