10 Of The Most Outrageous Activities Available

Most people who want an entertainment service simply book a trip to go mountain climbing, head to the arcade, or perhaps even spend some time snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef. Sometimes, however, people want to take their interests to the next level, and there are places you can go in order to get some great services for your cash. If you want strange, out of the box, and extreme, then you can order a service to enjoy your time. Here are some of the most outrageous activities you can do.

Attend Your Own Funeral

For just 3,000 dollars, you can arrange for your entire funeral while you are still alive. The entire payment enables you to enjoy the sad music, dark decor, and even your own burial in the ground. Mourners will be present, too.

Spend A Night In The Morgue

Most people don’t want to spend their time in a morgue, but you can actually pay around 2,000 dollars to spend an entire night in the morgue following your faked death and subsequent burial. You even get a body bag and ID tag.

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