10 Of The Most Popular And Interesting Urban Myths

An urban myth can be any number of things, including an unsolved mystery, or a public misconception, or perhaps just a big hoax told by a single person that spread too far. In any case, many of these tend to expand to epic proportions, ensuring everyone who comes in contact with the story actually believes it to be completely true. Well, we’ve got some news for you — most urban myths actually aren’t true. In fact, the grand majority are false. Here 10 of the most popular myths that turned out to be false, but are still being told today.

Mr. Rogers, the Navy SEAL

Do you remember the legendary children’s television series, Mr. Rogers? Well, apparently, the now-deceased host was once a Navy SEAL sniper who served time in Vietnam and was responsible for tens of deaths during the war. The sweater was said to cover the Navy tattoos. This is all completely false, albeit a really cool story.

Bloody Mary

We’ve all heard the story of Bloody Mary and how you must say her name three times in the mirror for her to appear in your bathroom behind you. Well, anyone brave enough to say her name three times will discover that absolutely nothing happens. The woman, who was said to be a witch, simply doesn’t pop up to scare you.

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