10 Of The Most Ridiculous Things Celebrities Have Spent Money On

The rich really do live different lives. Money may not be able to buy happiness but it can buy plenty of things that the rest of us would never consider owning in our entire lives. Celebrities are often thought of as being rather eccentric but there are some purchases that have been made over the years that are quite a bit more eccentric than others. Whether talking about pieces of clothing that costs more than our house, or pieces of property you didn’t even know could be owned by one person, this is a list of some of the most ridiculous things celebrities have spent money on.

Beyonce’s Golden Leggings

Beyonce has long been known for her outfits, but her golden leggings certainly take the cake. Those leggings aren’t just colored gold, but are actually gold plated and reportedly cost more than $100,000. You can buy a house for less than that.

Nick Cage’s Dinosaur

Compared to a dog house, Nicholas Cage spending more than $275,000 on a full Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton seems downright sensible. The Con-Air actor reportedly beat out another celeb, Leonardo DiCaprio, in order to get the bones.

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