10 Of The Most Shocking Maritime Disasters In History

Since nearly the beginning of time, people have discovered ways to put together wooden boards and float themselves down rivers or across oceans. Since this little invention, though, a brand new way for people to perish at sea also occurred. Boats go down in the water, some never to be seen again, in various maritime disasters. There are plenty of reasons why this happens, but they all tend to end with loss of life and headlines around the world speaking of the terrible happenings.

HMS Sussex

On March 1, 1694, the HMS Sussex went down under the water following a massive, severe storm off Gibraltar. Only two survivors managed to make it to the nearest shore. The crew had a total number of 500 people.

RMS Atlantic

The RMS Atlantic, on the ship’s 19th voyage, ran onto shallow rocks on April 1, 1873, sinking off the coast of Nova Scotia. In total, 535 crew members and passengers died when the boat went down.

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