10 Of The Most Terrifying Spiders In The World

Spiders are the number one most righteous fear in the entire world. More people suffer from arachnophobia – the fear of spiders – than any other phobia to have ever existed. The people suffering from this fear are absolutely brilliant, as these little eight-legged devils are the worst creatures to have ever been spawned from the bowels of the planet. These creepy looking creatures look like they are from a horror movie, and some may not hurt you, but others will kill you without a problem. Here are the ten most terrifying spiders in the world.

Tube Dwelling Spider

The Tube Dwelling Spider has a pair of ferocious looking legs that point towards their forefront, unlike the majority of spider species. Scientists don’t know why these little beasts live in tubes, but they sure do love it down there.


The Gradungulidae is a massive behemoth of a spider that is known to weave some of the most complicated webs in the world. They are seriously some of the smartest spiders in the world, and are big enough to leave an impression.

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