10 Of The Most Tragic Tales From Spring Break 2015

Most young adults – and even some older individuals – take Spring Break very seriously. They pull out all of the stops to ensure they have the time of their lives while away from work or school. Unfortunately, not everything goes as planned for everyone. Some people just have a downright horrible time while they’re on vacation, and nothing can change that experience. Here are a few tragic tales that these individuals will remember for the rest of their lives. They’ll think twice about going on vacation next time.

Always Check I.D.

While partying at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, one individual found himself enthralled with a beautiful women. Unfortunately for him, that women, whose name shall remain anonymous, ended up having been born a man – the complete opposite gender he was looking to party with while on vacation. The man discovered this the hard way, though, as the lady in question didn’t come out and tell him she had once been a male beforehand. He was rather hurt to discover this.

That Girl

Spring Break is the time of year when everyone and their mother ends up with a drinking problem for the week they’re on vacation. However, there is always that one girl who can never hold her liquor, never keep her clothing on, and just generally be a loud-mouth. Every sentence out of her mouth begins with the words “I’m so drunk right now.” When coming across this particular creature, take a step back and watch her from a distance, but be careful not to approach. Find some entertainment in her mannerisms.

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