10 Of The Most Unusual Japanese Subcultures

Japan is known for crazy, just as Hawaii is known for surfing and Middle East is known for oil. From their TV shows, movies, and music, to their superstitions, subcultures and youth — the Japanese certainly like to take ‘unusual’ to a whole new level. Many of them started in the side streets of the famous districts like Harajuku and Shibuya, which then exploded to become a national and even international subculture. These subcultures are seen as popular and innovative to some, and confusion and hilarity to others — whatever rocks your boat.

This list features 10 of the most bizarre subcultures existing in Japan, which are crazy even for Japan! While they look like fictional and cartoon characters — these are real people you will really get to meet on the streets on a daily basis when you travel to the land of the rising sun. From frilly Lolitas to badass Sukeban, Japan has it all — enjoy!


‘Gyaru’ literally means ‘gal’, and they are probably the Japanese equivalent of Snooki and the Jersey shore girls. These girls dye their hair blonde, get fake orange tans, and slather on makeup darker than their true skin color. The subculture was born in the well-known Harajuku district in Tokyo, Japan.


Yankii is probably the closest thing to white trash in Japan. ‘Yankii’ was a corruption of the American term ‘yankee’, and these are people who die their hair blond or orange, wear trashy clothes and rebel against taking part in Japanese etiquette and culture.

Basically, these people may look cool in manga and movies, but in reality, the yankiis are just people with bad fashion taste and bad manners.

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