10 Of The Most Unusual Strip Clubs In Existence

Strip clubs have been an important part of human history for hundreds of years, though modern establishments that are common today were only first introduced in the 1930’s. Before that, stripteases were still a popular pastime amongst men though they would usually happen in brothels or normal drinking locations rather than specially designated buildings. Even in the age of the internet, strip clubs still enjoy plenty of patronage from customers, though many joints have gone to extreme lengths to make them stand out from the crowd and ensure that they can remain competitive.


The bosses at Rachel’s, a strip club in Florida, came up with a distinctive promotion to help attract new clients. During the winter they offer senior citizens the chance to come in to the building, enjoy a buffet lunch and get their flu shot in a temporary clinic. The owners hope that by getting them inside the building, they can entice them to return thanks to the erotic dancers.

The School House

The School House strip club gets its name from the fact that it is located in a former school that was left abandoned. Describing itself as a gentlemen’s club, it features many of the elements from its days as an educational facility, including a teachers lounge that now operates as a VIP room and a few chalkboards.

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