10 Of The Most Unusual Vacation Spots

We’re in the midst of that time of year where individuals and families head on vacation together or alone, and most people tend to head to a sunny, warm destination. While most people plan a luxurious holiday, most people don’t consider a lot of places that could make the perfect holiday spot for the entire family. This year, or perhaps even next year, taking a trip to an unusual place could be the perfect spot. Here are ten of the most unusual vacation spots in the entire world


Antarctica is the southernmost continent in the entire world, and is known for being both incredibly chilling and breathtaking at the very same time. The frozen nature of the entire country makes it a bit difficult, but well worth the holiday.


The Amazon is known for being home to the rainforest, which is going extinct, sadly. The woods are being cut down by corporations, which means various species of both flora and fauna are going extinct. A trip here could mean you witness the final year of an animal species.

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