10 Of The Scariest Haunted Dolls In The World

We’ve all seen the movies that feature scary toys that have been possessed by some kind of demon, killer or ghost. The spookiest thing about these films is that most of them are based, at least a little, on real stories of actual toys that have haunted their owners. If that makes it just a little harder to sleep at night, keep in mind there are quite a few of these things out there and only some of them have actually been collected by the right people and put where they can’t effect anyone anymore. If you believe these things are actually possessed by ghosts or demons, then there are plenty of items that haven’t even been pinpointed. Check out the spookiest of the spooky.


Joliet has been in the same family for generations and the doll has supposedly carried out her curse on every generation of woman in the family. The women have all had two children, one boy and one girl. On the third day of life for each boy, they suddenly pass away. Members of the family have said they have heard all sorts of wails and crying coming from the doll. They believe that it is hosting the spirits of the departed boys.


Mercy is said to be possessed by the spirit of a seven-year-old girl. Various owners have reported to have seen the doll standing straight up and having moved from places they put it. Others have said the radio or television station will suddenly change when the doll is around.

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