10 Of The Scariest Haunted Dolls In The World


Jayne Harris is a paranormal investigator who has taken photos and videos of a haunted doll by the name of Peggy. Peggy is a doll that reportedly has an effect on people who have never even been around her. When photos and videos of the doll were posted on the Internet, 80 people reported suffering from headaches, feeling anxious, and even seeing images of mental institutions. One woman even reported suffering from a heart attack after viewing online videos of the doll. How are you feeling right now?

The Blindfolded Doll

No one knows the name of this doll that was found In Singapore, on the side of the road, with its eyes covered by a blindfold. The doll has been seen moving around on its own, moving its head from side to side and has even been rumored to speak in an adult woman’s voice. It is believed that the owner of the doll blindfolded the doll and abandoned it so it couldn’t find him or her again. Others say that everyone who has lifted the blindfold has indeed been followed by this creepy toy.

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