10 Of The Sexiest Female Rappers

The Hip Hop industry is without a doubt a male dominated field. Some of the women that have entered this competitive industry have been able to make names for themselves and exceed many of the expectations that were place upon them. Female rappers have to not only have mind blowing rapping skills, they also have to be able to have some sort of sex appeal. The women on this list have been able to accomplish both. Many of these female rappers have made their mark in the industry and are a forced to be reckoned with. Not only can they out-rap some of their male counterparts, they also are able to look amazing while doing so.


Trina let the world know she was the ‘baddest b*tch’ when she stepped onto the scene in the late 90s. She was notorious for her provocative lyrics and sexual content.


Eve was introduced to hip hop fans as the first female in DMX’s Ruff Ryders clique. She often referred to herself as the pitbull in a skirt. Eve was an extraordinary hot rapper.

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