10 Of The Strangest Baby Products

When it comes to having a baby with your significant other, nothing screams parenthood more than having to max our your credit cards in order to pay for new toys, clothing, food, bottles, diapers, and other necessities a young child is going to need in their life. Of course, some parents go above and beyond by introducing their child to far more than they really need. A lot of companies take advantage of such weary parents and display high-end products that are simply ridiculous and far-fetched. You really don’t need everything out there. Here are ten of the strangest baby products you’ll ever see.

Squirting Spoons

Squirting Spoons are said make a children’s meal a lot more fun by offering them a normal spoon but with a seemingly endless supply of food inside the squeeze tube.

Nuby Nibblers

Nuby Nibblers are bath toys designed for children to experience the pleasures and feeling of consuming real food, but without the choking hazard that comes with it.

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