10 Of The Strangest Celebrity Items That Have Been Sold

Many celebrities have become such well known figures that people don’t just want to keep up to date with their work but also want to feel as if they are somehow connected to them. This has led to some hardcore fans creating collections of possessions and personal belongings from their favorite famous figures, giving the unique items a value that they wouldn’t otherwise have. It is little wonder then that many such as examples, such as dresses from famous actresses and musical instruments from popular bands, are highly sought after and can bring in large amounts of money. Sometimes though, the auctions in question can be selling some very strange things that no one would have expected.

Elvis’ Hair

Elvis memorabilia has always been popular thanks to the fact that Presley is one of the most famous musicians of all time. Many items that were once owned by him have sold at auction for thousands of dollars, though the strangest is a clipping of hair. The seller stated that it was shaved from his head when he was serving in the army and kept by a member of staff. It eventually sold for $18,300 to a bidder who chose to remain anonymous.

Napoleon’s Penis

Napoleon Bonaparte is arguably one of the most famous people to have ever lived. His military campaigns and conquests have made him an important part of history, meaning that anything connected to him can attract attention if it is put on sale. This culminated in his penis, which was allegedly cut from his dead body by a doctor who was examining him, being put up for auction. It sold for $3,000 and is kept under the winning bidder’s bed in a small wooden box.

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