10 Of The Strangest Celebrity Items That Have Been Sold

X-Ray of Marilyn Monroe

It is not unusual for auctions to feature items that have belonged to Marilyn Monroe. Everything from dresses to jewelry to signed scripts have gone on to bring in large amounts of money when they have been sold. The most bizarre item that has ever been put up for sale though is an X-ray of her chest, which fetched a staggering price of $45,000.

Winston Churchill’s Cigar

Winston Churchill is largely regarded as a hero in the United Kingdom after he led the country throughout the Second World War. Pictures of the former prime minister invariably show him smoking a cigar, making the items highly sought after for those looking to add to their collection. One such cigar, which had been left half smoked and taken by a member of staff, was sold at auction for the price of $7,000.

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