10 Of The Strangest Insect Behaviors

Nature is filled to the brim with terrifying locales and violence perpetrated by small animals and even smaller insects across the world. These little creatures have no problem crawling on you in the middle of the night, which makes things even worse. However, before those little critters scamper up your leg or across your bedspread, they tend to act out in completely odd manners while out in the wild. People don’t know the true world of the insect. Here are ten totally strange behaviors of insects.

Synchronous Fireflies

If you spend a few hours and walk along the Mae Klong river in Thailand, then you have a chance of witnessing tens of thousands of fireflies blinking together in perfect harmony. These fireflies come together and synchronize their actions.

Processionary Caterpillars

The pine processionary, is a small brown caterpillar that lives within the forests of Europe and Asia. Despite their size, they are considered one of the most destructive insects in the world. A single generation can destroy 73 percent of a pine forest. The caterpillars will often form a procession, marching to their home tree.

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