10 Of The Strangest Inventions That Came Out Of Japan

When it comes to inventions that nobody needs, there are plenty of items out there in the world. Some of these inventions are unique to the culture they service. There are some inventions that are uniquely American and other inventions that people only think of being German, or European or even Canadian. There are also some inventions that are known as being uniquely Japanese and it appears there are some of these inventions that stand out from the crowd as being incredibly strange. These items are meant to make a Japanese person’s day that much better but we have to wonder if these things ever sell and who in the world would really go looking for them. Check out our list of 10 of the most bizarre inventions that came out of Japan and let us know if you’d buy any of them.

The Liberation Wrapper

This little device is actually supposed to be used by Japanese women to hide the fact that they’re eating. This might be the creepiest thing, for a range of reasons, we’ve ever seen.

The Rage Bottle

This bottle is supposed to be used so Japanese people can yell and scream when they’re angry, without anyone hearing them.

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