10 Of The Strangest Jobs That Pay Well

We often live boring and mundane lives, going to work for eight hours a day, five days of the week, enjoying our weekend; rinse and repeat. Some people go beyond that and proceed to look for the weirdest and wackiest job they are able to find and fulfill their dreams in that way. This list of ten of the strangest well paying jobs may not create a millionaire out of many, but it may fill a void in your soul that you didn’t know was there.

Pet Psychologist

Our furry little friends always ensure that we are well taken care of and in a good state of mind simply by gracing us with their presence. It is the job of the pet psychologist to ensure that our loved little creatures also have a solid state of mind and that they are well taken care of. $35,000 may not seem like much, but for us animal lovers, the joy we would receive from taking care of these loved ones would outweigh any financial gain that we are looking for.

Tea Taster

Travel the world, experience new and exciting things! These are things usually reserved for navy recruits, but tea tasters get to do just that. Dedicating over five years to ensure they are able to distinguish subtle flavors in tea, these dedicated people expect $37,000 a year in exchange for their craft. Pay isn’t great but benefits cannot be beaten.

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