10 Of The Strangest Laws In North Korea

It’s common knowledge that North Korea is one of the most government-controlled countries in the world, but just how weird and detailed can some of their laws go? TV, music, and internet are all restricted, but that’s only the beginning. Citizens must have specific haircuts, certain attire is banned, and don’t ever plan to leave the country if you live there. Here are ten of the many odd laws that North Korea has for its citizens and any potential visitors — if there’s anyone brave enough.

Restricted Television

Anything that’s available to watch on TV is controlled by the government. Essentially, it’s all propaganda, but some residents have been able to pipe over South Korean TV options. However, anybody caught watching anything else are subject to execution.

Haircut Approval

There are only 28 approved ways that residents can have their hair in North Korea. Women are able to select from 18 styles while men get to choose from 10 options. Married women are expected to keep their hair shorter and no men can have any hairstyle longer than three inches.

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