10 Of The Strangest Laws In The World

Every country in the world prides themselves on their style of governance. They try to be as individualistic as necessary in order to best serve the needs and interests of their people. This is why we see tremendous variety in terms of international laws around the world. Some of these laws are ingenious and need to be applied on a global level, while some laws seem utterly bizarre and make you wonder how something so ridiculous would pass through the parliamentary system. Here is a list of 10 strange and bizarre laws from around the world.

Atheists Not Allowed

Every person should be allowed to pursue their religious beliefs, even if they don’t believe in a god. Seven U.S States however, do not allow atheists to hold any post in a public office. Atheists are known to be rational people and I guess you can’t have that in the system.

Wife’s Birthday Law

I guess it is a good thing to make a law out of something that gets so many men into trouble. At least this way they might remember to follow the rules. In Samoa, you are not allowed to forget your wife’s birthday. It isn’t bad enough that your wife is mad at you, but now you have to face the wrath of the government as well.

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