10 Of The Strangest Musical Instruments Ever Created

Music is so varied and mystical across the entire world. Some people use it to relax and calm themselves, other cultures use it as part of a ceremony or coming of age ritual, and still some play it for the money alone. Of course, you can’t make music without the correct instrument, of which there are thousands of different types within the world. Some are pretty basic, like the guitar or drums, and then there are the following ten instruments, which are more on the bizarre side of the spectrum. We’ve never heard of anything like this. Have you?

Contrabass Balalaika

The Contrabass Balalaika is a Russian folk instrument that had been developed in the late 17th century. The instrument appears quite strange, as it has a triangular body, and is played with fingers and leather plectrums. Extension legs allow the user to rest the instrument on the floor.

American Fotoplayer

Introduced in 1912, the American Fotoplayer was developed by the American Fotoplayer Company (shocking name!). The instrument is similar to a piano, but was used to provide sound effects within silent movies during the early 19th century.

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