10 Of The Strangest Protests Ever Carried Out

Protests are something that have been carried out throughout human history. Protests are a way for a group of people to complain or object about something they feel is wrong and could possible do them or other people harm. Despite their widespread use in all parts of the world, they are hugely varied and can take on various forms. In some cases they might just be a signed letter to register dissent while in other instances they can involve large scale demonstrations by hundreds of thousands of individuals. Sometimes though, a protest will not just be culturally significant or an important event but also very strange.

Squirting Cow Milk

A group of farmers who were protesting against the staggering collapse of the price of milk and the lack of action from politicians came up with a clever way of showing their displeasure. Rather than engage in violence they instead squirted milk at police officers who were stopping them from reaching the European Union’s headquarters.

Legally Changing Her Name

A Virginia resident legally changed her name to Cutout Dissection.com in a bid to raise awareness to a PETA campaign to stop the dissection of animals for educational purposes. She became involved in the movement when she was uncomfortable with having to dissect a chicken during a science class. Her name, which is now on her driver’s license, leads to a URL protesting the practice and hoping to lead to schools dropping it altogether.

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