10 Of The Strangest Punishments Handed Down By Judges

Judges are well known for handing down punishments to those who broke the law in some way – no matter how odd or useless a law may appear to the common people. Most of the time, a punishment tends to be jail or a fine. However, authorities sometimes hand out some really strange punishments, such as an embarrassing sign or a being forced to wear a chicken suit for some specific period of time. Regardless of the punishments, here are 10 of the oddest punishments handed out.

Embarrassing Sign

Daniel and Eloise Mireles thought it best to steal almost $250,000 dollars from Harris County, Texas. The local judge forced them to insert a sign in their front yard reading, “The occupants of this residence, Daniel and Eloise Mireles, are convicted thieves.

Chicken Suit

Daniel Chapdelaine, Martin Soto, and Fabian Rodriquez-Ramirez all pleaded guilty of soliciting sex from an undercover officer. The judge sentenced them to take turns wearing a large chicken suit while holding a sign reading “No Chicken Ranch in Painesville.”

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