10 Of The Strangest Things People Actually Believe

Psuedosciences are a type of practice that are known for being kind of like science but not truly. Most people who practice or study these fake science fields tend to never use testing or any form of a hypothesis that makes sense. One instance, for example, is that some people truly believe the ancient Egyptian pyramids were constructed by an alien race. Here are ten of the most bizarre, shocking things real people somehow believe in. We really cannot believe some of these.


Rumpology is a bizarre form of science where one individual spends their time staring at someone’s butt while offering them insight into their future. The butt is said to play host to the world.

Flat Earth

You may have seen social media recently, where the likes of B.o.B. and other known celebrities have been claiming the Earth is actually flat. This is, of course, not true, and yet people still fight for this belief.

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