10 Of The Weirdest Apps Ever Made

The huge popularity of smartphones and tablets have led to an explosion in the number of apps that are available on stores such as Google Play to download. Their wide use has led to a surge in the sheer variety of applications that have been created by developers, allowing users to get software that can carry out all sorts of tasks. Obviously, not every single app is something that is entirely useful and some people have created some truly bizarre apps.

Demotivational Pics

Many sites and apps have been set up to deliver motivational pictures and messages to their users as a way of helping them through the day. However, Demotivational Pics takes a slightly different approach, instead letting everyone know just how bad things could be so that they will be thankful that their life isn’t so bad after all.

Places I’ve Pooped

If you have ever felt the urge to mark down all of the places that you have relieved yourself in a toilet, then Places I’ve Pooped is the app for you. Using technology from Google maps, it allows users to include every single location from when they have pooped or peed in public.

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