10 Of The Weirdest Burger King Options Found Around The World

Have a Burger King restaurant located right next to your workplace? It’s an easy craving to get, and you automatically drive over there during each lunch break. However, there comes a time when you look through the menu and nothing really sounds that appetizing. Do you really want another adventure with the Whopper? The Tendercrisp chicken sandwich gets a little expensive after a while. Wouldn’t it be nice to get some interesting variety? Burger King has different selections across the world that aren’t normally found in America. Here are some of the weirdest options that you can purchase out of the country.


The Canadian side of fries covered with cheese curds and beef gravy isn’t only available at Burger King. Wendy’s and McDonald’s throughout the Great North also serve the famous side with meals.

Sprout Surprise Whopper

Having a problem with kids not eating vegetables? Trick them in the UK by having them eat a layer of breaded sprouts with a thick slice of swiss cheese.

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