10 Of The World’s Largest Tourist Attractions

The world is full of wonder and tourist attractions that should bring in thousands upon thousands of people every single year. Now, some of these attractions are far more popular than others, specifically those of the over-sized variety. There are currently four countries that have an abundance of these massive road-side attractions, including Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United States. So, if you’re preparing yourself for the road trip of a lifetime, make sure to hit the following ten world’s biggest tourist attractions ever.

The World’s Biggest Banana (Australia)

In Coffs Harbour, Australia, tourists come from all over the country and the world to take their picture alongside the world’s biggest banana, which is mounted on a pedestal. Tourists can even walk through said banana.

The World’s Biggest Dinosaurs (United States)

The Cabazon Dinosaurs in California were created by renowned sculptor Claude Bell in an effort to attract some new tourists to a nearby cafe, which is now closed. Today, the dinosaurs remain on the side of the road as a tourist attraction.

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