10 Of The Worst Engineering Disasters In The World

Mankind, despite having some of the most brilliant minds in the entire world who have achieved some of the greatest feats ever, is definitely infallible. We make mistakes on a daily basis, and some of those mistakes ultimately cost innocent people their lives, sadly. Sometimes things happen that are far beyond our control, and it is devastating, but those minds pick themselves back up and try once more. Here are ten of the worst engineering disasters in the world.

Tacoma Washington Bridge

The Tacoma Washington Bridge was a pair of mile-long suspension bridges that spanned a staggering 2,800 feet from one side to the other. The first bridge, named Galloping Gertie, opened in 1940, but became famous after it collapsed due to high-speed winds in the area. Only one fatality was listed, and that was a Cocker Spaniel.

Cleveland East Ohio Gas Explosion

The Cleveland East Ohio Gas Explosion, which was a horrible disaster, occurred on October 20th, 1944. The gas leak resulted in a massive explosion and ensuing fire, which killed around 130 people and destroyed nearly an entire square mile of the city of Cleveland, Ohio.

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