10 Of The Worst Riots In Human History

Riots are some of the worst things that can happen to a community as it sees huge amounts of violence taking place in a short amount of time. Typically, they can be started for a number of reasons, though are most notably associated with incidents where poor and seemingly abandoned groups of youths believe that the police have done something to their group. Once they have been sparked, they can engulf entire cities, causing widespread damage to buildings and property as well as putting lives at risk. Here are some of the worst, if not the worst, riots to ever occur.

2001 Argentina Riots

2001 saw a growing number of violent incidents in Argentina following a period of financial difficulty for the country that had left many unemployed and unable to pay their bills. This civil unrest culminated in December with a series of riots around the country that saw thousands of people taking to the streets. Some 26 people were killed over the course of several days.

1967 Detroit Riot

Police vice squads would often organize raids against drinking establishments that stayed open past their legal hours, arresting the proprietor and any customers involved. In 1967, one such squad entered a bar in Detroit at Clairmount Avenue where they found dozens of people holding a party for returning Vietnam war veterans. They arrested everyone inside, who were almost all black, and this led to widespread looting and violence that eventually saw 43 people killed and more than a thousand injured.

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