10 Of The Worst Song Titles Of All Time

Music is perhaps one of the most widely accepted arts forms in the world. Musicians who make it inside this highly competitive field are usually extremely talented and possess a unique ear of their own. As the field is so densely populated, creating great music becomes extremely difficult. Musicians don’t just have to create music for their songs, but they also have to work hard to make their lyrics compelling to the audience. Some artists enjoy careers that span across decades while others just remain a one-hit wonder. Here is a collection of some of the worst titles in music history across all categories and genres.

Ray Stevens

Nearly every country fan in the world has heard of Ray Stevens. He was not just a country musician but also a master at making novelty and comedic songs. One of his not so innovative titles though was the song called “Get your tongue outta my mouth cos I’m kissing you goodbye”.

Several Species

Pink Floyd, one of the greatest psychedelic bands of all-time experimented heavily with their drugs and musical choices throughout their career. One of their least successful attempts at being different was perhaps the song titled “Several species of small furry animals gathered together in a cave and grooving with a pict”.

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