10 Online Altercations That Went Too Far

Outrage and arguments are something that happen frequently in our world. We see it all the time when scrolling through the comments section of numerous articles or when visiting our favorite social media services like Facebook and Twitter. Instead of reason, too many insecure people are quick to become defensive. We’ve likely all been at both ends of the spectrum, but let’s hope you didn’t take it as far as some of these crazy people did. Here are some of the worst altercations that have happened over the internet, with some even resulting in death.

Restaurant Implodes After ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ Appearance

Gordon Ramsay has famously helped dying restaurants in his long-running TV shows in the US and UK, but he quit on Amy’s Baking Company, ran by Amy and Samy Bouzaglo. They didn’t accept criticism, from Ramsay or the viewers that flooded their Facebook page with insults. The owners blasted with immature all-capitalized responses and then asked for religious prayers. It was closed two years after the incident.

Family Bullying Leads To Suicide

13-year-old Megan Meier committed suicide after being bullied by a mother, her daughter, and a business associate. The mother, Lori Drew, posed as a fake 16-year-old boy and tormented the girl because she thought Meier was spreading rumors about her daughter.

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