10 Overly Extravagant Luxuries The Rich Indulge In

If you just so happen to be, or become, a member of the ultra rich club, then chances are you are going to blow that cash on absolutely anything you want to and then some. Most people who have more money than they actually need don’t know what to do with it all, so it tends to go to items and luxuries that no one in their right mind actually needs in their lifetime. But they can afford it, much to the chagrin of those less fortunate in the world. Everyone with their head screwed on tight would kill for a chance to be an ultra rich individual. Here are ten overly extravagant luxuries the rich indulge in.

Personal Entourages

It is completely understandable that rich people want to have faux friends surrounding them, but having to pay for these people is just despicable. Some entourages will include personal assistants, drivers, and bodyguards, but they act like friends or family, not employed individuals.

Professional Sports Teams

A lot of rich people have spent millions, and sometimes even billions, of their fortune on a professional sports team. Apparently, owning your own football team is very important to those with money. In reality, no fan actually cares who owns the team.

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