10 People Who Provide Some Of The Strangest Services

Are you in need of a snack? Or maybe a green lawn? Or maybe it is a cure for asthma you desperately need? We all have something we need, and these people have been creative and well, bizarre enough to figure out how to satisfy the weirdest of human wishes. From unusual cooks to psychics that are also protectors, we’ve gathered then people whose professions are providing the most bizarre services for people around the world. And some are even getting paid for it.

Extreme Green Grass Provider

Californians are known for their expensive taste and when mandatory water cutbacks are issued by the local officials because of the droughts in the winter, the state of their grass is just the opposite-looking. That’s how David Bartlett came up with the idea for his Xtreme Green Grass project. Bartlett offers you a service of spray painting your grass an exquisite shade of green, just on the right side of too good to be true. He and his team will paint your grass for 25 cents per square foot.

Baseball Spiritual Guidance Provider

Baseball can be a tough sport and sometimes it gets so tough a pastor is the only person that can help. Dean Esskew decided to cash in the need for baseball spiritual guidance and works only with major and minor league umpires, travelling across the country or consulting via Skype. He even employs his own wife who offers advice to the girlfriends and wives of the players.

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