10 People Who Provide Some Of The Strangest Services

Trader Joe’s Smuggler

Canada is a home of many things, but the delicious butter cookie isn’t one of them. That’s why Michael Hallatt opened a shop called Pirate Joe’s where you can buy them. He’s the ultimate smuggler of the popular candy, even employing a dozen of people in the States who buy candy in their local stores which he then smuggles across the border and sells in Canada for up to two dollars more than their usual retail price.

Professional Mermaid

Melissa Dawn decided to cash in the Little Mermaid appeal by becoming a professional mermaid, and for enough money, she’ll perform at your birthday party or corporate event, complete with a clamshell top and a 60lb tail. She managed to get her company to a place where she’s able to travel around the world and perform at resorts, festivals and events.

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