10 People Who Were Busted Doing Exactly What They Shouldn’t Have Been Doing

The Internet is a wonderful place that offers us all kind of information. One big drawback about the web is that you are more likely to get caught doing something you shouldn’t have than ever before. There are cameras everywhere these days and they are all looking to see if you’re going to do something that is rather embarrassing. In this day and age, it’s probably safer if you just assume there is someone looking and someone willing to capture whatever you are doing on their camera. Don’t do anything you shouldn’t do, or you could end up on the next of these kinds of lists. Check out 10 people who got busted doing exactly what they shouldn’t have been doing and let us know if you’ve ever been busted like this in the comments section.

Her Eyes Are Up There Ryan

Even people who are around beautiful people all the time like Ryan Seacrest can have a wandering eye every now and then. Considering it’s Katy Perry, we can’t really blame him.

Just Do Your Job

If you’re going to be doing something at work that you’re not supposed to be doing, you probably shouldn’t advertise what you’re doing on social media.

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