10 Places You Need To Visit Before They Disappear

Our planet was vastly different when it was formed over four billion years ago. Since then, our landscape has been in a state of constant turmoil and has been morphing and changing relentlessly. The movement of the tectonic planes over millions of years has given us our current positions, but this process is not yet completely. Thanks to our meddling ventures, we have negatively influenced the carbon levels on our planet and caused natural disasters on massive scales. Now, thanks to our current pollution and heat levels, our planet will undergo a terrible change over the next two hundred years. A lot of beautiful places will no longer exist, and this list contains 10 places you need to visit before the disappear forever.

The Mongolian Steppe

These beautiful grass plains are one of the most scenic places on the planet. They are vast and sweeping, a near perfect representation of mother nature itself. The mining boom in the area, however, is sure to transform this sparesly populated location into an economic hub for global markets. Within 2030, these plains will be home to industries and there will be hardly any trances of nature left to experience.

The Ecuadorean Amazon

The Huaorani tribe have inhabited the Amazon jungle for thousands of years now, continuing to survive peacefully and harmoniously with the gifts provided to them by the abundant jungle. Unfortunately, the Amazon forest has been targeted as a point of development by many corporations now, and whether the tribe likes it or not, change is heading quite quickly towards them.

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