10 Prehistoric Predators We’re Glad Aren’t Around Anymore

Dinosaurs were some of the coolest, most ferocious creatures to ever walk the face of the Earth, but alas, they are no longer. Today, we have the remnants of dinosaurs, or what they evolved into, but we don’t have the actual prehistoric behemoths roaming the plains. That is probably a good thing, though, as some of the predators around at one point were fearsome creatures that would snap any of us in half in no time at all. Here are ten of the most terrifying predators of the time.


The Megalania is thought to be the largest known lizard to have ever existed. It was known for having a toxin-secreting gland around its mouth, which made it quite venomous to other animals that it attacked or defended itself against.


The Titanoboa, which means “titanic boa,” was the largest snake to have ever existed. Thought to reach up to 50 feet, the Titanoboa would snap down on its target, wrapping its body around the prey and crushing them to death.

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