10 Real-Life Costs Of Action Movies

Action movies are known for their crazy expensive destruction scenes, the use of super high-tech gadgets, gorgeous speedy cars and extensive sets. The movies, although fictional, do use some crazy fictional technology. However, even those fictional technology costs could be estimated in some serious dollars. Did you ever think about what would the financial cost be of the fictional action scenes happening in real life? We’ve calculated he estimated costs of different aspects of the films and the sums will kinda blow your mind.

Saving Matt Damon

Why is it that Matt Damon always needs saving in movies? If we combine a few action movies where Matt’s character needed rescuing, we get quite a steep sum. In Courage Under Fire, he called for a Gulf War I helicopter rescue ($300,000), and in Saving Private Ryan, he needed a World War II search party ($100,000). However Damon’s most financially destructive saving mission was definitely the one in The Martian that amounts to approximately $200 billion.


We’ve all dreamt of being James Bond for a day. The famous spy wears only Tom Ford which charges around $7,000 for a suit. Then there’s the Omega Seamaster 300 watch that is estimated to go for $7,500. And most importantly, Bond’s Aston Martin DB10 is currently on sale for $1.5 million.

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