10 Real-Life X-Men You Never Knew About

The X-Men are probably one of the most famous group of superheroes in the entire world. Their existence is a complete mystery, but these genetically mutated individuals have super powers strong enough to save the human race. At least, they do in the comics, movies, and video games where they are portrayed. However, most of us don’t realize that there are actual real-world superheroes wandering this planet with bizarre powers all their own. They may not seem as incredible as the fiction of the X-Men, but they are still impressive. Here are ten real-life X-men you should be aware of.

Super Baby

3-year-old Liam Hoekstra, of Michigan, was born with a rare genetic disorder that causes him to be incredibly tough. He generates muscle instead of fat, making him quite strong. By eight-months-old, he was performing pull-ups at the local gym.

Real Daredevil

Daniel Kish lost his vision due to cancer when he was just 13-months-old, but that did not stop him. He can click his tongue and visualize his surroundings using echolocation. He has no trouble getting around an entire city or hiking in the mountains.

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